Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Media: Brought to You by the Drug Dealers

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The emperor has no clothes! Are we just too medicated to tell?
Think of all the commercials you take in all the time on the radio and TV. Ask your doctors about... We're seeing a parade of MD's on all the "news" programs and the great big push for scaring US into making sure we get in line for those "won't have enough and may not be ready in time" swine flu vac's. Oh please--the amount of time getting the vac's ready and distributed is plenty of time to take yourSELF in hand, and with diet, lifestyle and natural means--BUILD UP YOUR OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM! But are any Dr's on TV or in mainstream media pushing that idea?

In the last half-century--the AMA Manageable-Disease Model of Medicine took America from #1 healthiest and most prosperous nation in the world to being the #1 most chronically diseased--and broke!
We KNOW we want change, we WANT to be healthier--but we're being swamped with scary information and programmed into wanting more drugs. We now WANT that vaccine! More vaccines! MORE pills to take away whatever is bothering us or we fear might!

Even though the "take a pill and take away the symptom" Medicine that made US (even Dr's in hospitals) forget basic things like good hygiene and not spreading disease.

Why should we worry about things like THAT when we can take a pill or get a shot and then no worries? Maybe because all those lulling voices that fall into the background of your subconscious are telling you of the very real dangers. Yet Dr's are still pushing drugs.

Other Dr's find themselves between a rock and a hard place. More MD's are voicing concerns about this style of Medicine than ever. Yet they have to play by their Union Rules if they're going to keep their right to do what they dedicated their lives to--practice medicine. The money that pays for the Mainstream Media is so sweet and pays for all that programming we want! When I was a child, the AMA thought it'd be "questionable ethics" to allow companies that stood to profit finance research or advertise directly to patients. Now Pharma pays for a LOT of programming.

Programming. Think about that. While you're being entertained and informed--you're also being programmed to do what's profitable for the sponsors. Get vaccinated. Take a pill. Don't worry about all those "take good care of your SELF" habits people used to know mattered to staying and being healthy!

Most people don't read news, they watch it, hear it. Those who read and then share--find things out like:
JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association)'s Aug 18 issue actually calls into question the marketing practices of the company pushing for mandatory vaccination of schoolgirls. Another article reports high rates of fainting and blood clotting. Yet--the CDC and FDA say so far the adverse effects of Gardasil--including 32 young women or girls who DIED-- are "in line with other vaccines." At least OTHER Dr's--MD's who care about healing are speaking out. Don't take MY word for it--see the video link!

Meanwhile--mothers are being programmed that if they're good mothers and care about their daughters--school's coming--get your daughter protected. Drugs are GOOD. They PROTECT you and your loved ones. And all the lobbyists romancing our Deciders in DC keep funneling our tax dollars out of our sadly empty coffers to BUY THEIR DRUGS and make sure they get paid for--for Medicaire recipients, for Medicaid recipients, for all the many guinea pigs-for-Pharma Public Medicine of any kind provides.

Maybe all those pills lulled US into a stupor of inaction. This style of Medicine got US to #37 --36 industrialized nations that don't have to worry about the COST of their medical expenses and treatments are healthier than US. They take less drugs, have less chronic disease, and cost their systems less. I just heardf Deepak Chopra say on CNN that in terms of medical outcomes--that's just what it sounds like--the outcome for YOU the patient--we're even LOWER than that embarrasing #37--in patient outcomes--we're something like 76!

Those hyperactivity drugs we've been "controlling" our kid's childhoods with have caused a 76% increase in ER visits and are now among the most abused prescription drugs. Not to mention what they're done to the brain and body development of small human beings who now grow up with "disorders.'

A "Wellness Lifestyle" combined with non-invasive Holistic treatments and protocols brought ME back from "permanently brain-damaged, permanently blind, and permanently disabled" to
vibrant good health. The Medical System only had drugs, drugs, and more drugs to offer me.

As a MD, researcher, and Medical Educator's daughter--I learned HOW to be well the "old-school" Dr's way: the way human beings have taken care of themselves to be well for thousands of years. The way Hippocrates taught: what you eat and drink, how you take care of yourself, herbs--yes HE used herbs--affect WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE and are ABLE TO DO.

Yet we love our entertainment and no longer even think about the two meanings of programming.

Where's our little innocent child to say: The emperor has no clothes!


  1. Good article. Here in the U.S. we actually have more of a problem with Hepatitus than with the flue, and world wide with Malaria. Why is so little said in the media about Malaria and Hepatitus? It doesn't take a rocket scientest to figure this out ...You are correct...More profits for big Farma.

    Unfortunately our Government has for many years not put big business interests above that of the people (and small business owners). I don't want to give them any more power of our medical care, but less.

  2. typo error in my comment: Government has put big business interests abote that of the people, and small business owners


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