Friday, August 7, 2009

Fixing Your Ability to Post!

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A lot of you have contacted me (phone msg or e-mail) saying you CAN’T POST REPLIES. Asking about Open ID. Thanks for the alerts! I was starting to feel unloved. I’m working out the glitches and consulting my experts today!

I promise I’ll master Blogger in no time--and FIX whatever’s not letting you post.

And then we can open up this talk.

I just posted "Once a Brain-Damaged Blind Chick...Cut Me Some Slack" on my uncommonsensewithz blog.

For those of you who find this blog and want to post--that blog explains what it's like to be a once-blind brand-new blogger and also Open ID. Though any of you can google THAT.

What's NOT new to me is the huge amount of waste in the Health-Care system everyone seems to agree is "Broken."

For those of you who don't know me yet--I'm an artist, a UN-brat and the daughter of a teaching physician--pathologist, Med Prof, Med Institute Director. I grew up reading the AMA news to my Daddy--English was his 6th language--and listening to him interject his very strong opinions on the politics he hated but could not avoid.

He was one of the MD's who--back in the 1960's-- did not like that American Medicine was turning into "take a pill and make the symptom go away." He did not like the direction of allowing pharmaceutical companies who stood to profit from research to fund said research. he lived to see his predictions about all these drug-solutions ruining our immune systems come true. I'm an artist--but I started collecting for non-profits in kindergarten--when I began Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF. I've been an activist for causes I CARE about all my life: the Arts, Art Education, Empowerment, the Environment, Human Rights and Human Development, and now for the Health-Care we-the-people of the USA deserve to have--just like all those other countries who are HEALTHIER than US. In this great country--Health should BE a Human Right!

Having been injured in an acute toxic chemical exposure more than a decade ago, being certified blind, diagnosed as a "permanently disabled" person--I know about my private insurance carrier loving my monthly payments as long my yearly Wellness Report said "very-good-to-excellent" in almost every category then refusing to pay when I needed it--and dropping me. I KNOW about this insane waste and inefficiency in the pub-med system I was lost in for years. I know how much money they were willing to drop on treatments that would not make me well, need even more drugs to counteract the effects of the previous drugs, and maintain me in Disability. I chose the Holistic Alternatives I knew would help me return to Health and Wellness. I teach Wholism--and we can't talk about cutting costs without talking about changing a culture that define people as a chronic disease for the rest of life" instead of bringing people back to Health and Wellness--to the profit of the only players at these HC Reform Discussion tables.

Hang in there and give me a minute: I'm consulting my experts on fixing whatever's not letting you post here this afternoon--so save your comments to a doc and check back tonight or tomorrow!

That's my story--SAVE yours and I'll make it so you can share ASAP!

Thanks for your patience, thanks for CARING!

To learn about Z's Difficult but Triumphant Adventure through the Worlds of Blindness, Brain Injury, Disability, and the Broken Systems that Have Wiped Out America's

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