Monday, August 10, 2009

The Importance Of You

The other day I had the most interesting conversation with Zee, a very informed lady. We had both studied Joseph Cambell's writings. In his book. "The Power of Myth", he talks about the meaning of the Pyramid on the dollar bill.

It is a Masonic symbol which means that if one is on the North side of the Pyramid what he sees is true, but he can not see what is on the South side, which is also true. The all seeing eye at the top seeks to see and understand all sides.

There is a lot of discussion lately about many political issues. This is a new phenomenon in my life time because we have all been taught not to talk about such things with anyone who might disagree with us, or we might find ourselves in an unwanted argument. How sad that is because it is so polarizing. However I have recently discovered some very interesting things that unite us as Americans, as did Nine Eleven. We can discuss these things, and even disagree as long as we can listen and communicate respectfully. ..the all seeing eye at the top of the Pyramid. Not one of us is as smart as all of us.

The news leads us to believe that we have but two choices concerning health care...what we now have, or the Obama Plan. But we in fact have more choices. Please permit me to present the following to you:

  • Obama gives Medicare and Medicaid as examples of socialized medical care. He makes a valid is socialized medical care, and it is lousy. I know because my husband is on it, and so was my Mom whom I took care of. We have to purchase extra insurance so the thing won't bankrupt us or leave us without care for what it will not pay (donut hole as example). Plus it is due to go bankrupt itself.

  • What has the Federal Government run successfully so far other than e-verify which it wants to get rid of? Every bill passed in the last few administrations favors big business at the expense of the middle class (bail out money case in point). The Health Care bill will most likely be the same. How many times must we be fooled before we learn.

  • Government interference is what caused the problem in the first place. Lets remove the legislation that caused the problem, and watch how easily it is solved. One can read more about this at the two following links
More On What Drives Up Health Care
Personal Story: Health Insurance

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