Sunday, August 9, 2009

Disruptions, Disruptions, Disruptions

Add to Technorati FavoritesWow! Who's attacking the social networking sites? The Twitter-revolution Iran-style must've scared people who don't want people to share information quickly! For anyone's who's tried to post in the last couple of days and had trouble- thanks for contacting me and letting me know you couldn't post!
When I couldn't figure out what I'd done "wrong" myself--I went to my experts at my favorite Apple store. That was BEFORE anyone knew there was yet another "cyberattack" going on.

I found this update posted Aug 7 on the Blogger Discussions:

"Like Twitter and Facebook and other services this last week, Blogger is currently under a significant DDOS attack, and the 403 messages are a temporary prevention put in place to try to squash the attack. We'll keep you posted. Thanks for understanding!"

Some v-mails and e-mails reporting inability to post also said "How do I post?" and "What's that Open ID thing--I've seen it before--what is it?" I googled Open ID before I went to my experts to figure out why people couldn't post. When I got to my experts--they too said--"Open ID--yeh-I've seen that--what IS it?"

It's a good thing to know that even savvy guru's didn't know that! So I'm taking a moment to empower you:

The nutshell: You know what a pain it is--when you have to figure out a new username and password for each different site

Open ID eliminates the need for that! It’s YOUR chosen ID and you can get onto oh--about 50,000 sites by now. You MAY already have one and don’t know it! If you’re registered with Google, Yahoo, Blogger, Flickr, or a whole LIST of services--that ID may be your Open ID. If you don’t have one, it’s easy to get and it’s free. Be Aware: if someone else used your computer to get on some site--you may find their user name registered as YOUR open ID! You CAN change it--mine was an ancient user name--not the one I want to use now and it was easy to change!

It’s free and it’s YOUR ID. Once you have it--goodbye to all those “oh what am I going to call myself for THIS site?”s! Also see: you can go to different blogs and sites and log-in with your own Open ID. Ok?

Of course--I thought: “I must’ve done something wrong!” That’s a common assumption for anyone when you’re new at something. When you’ve had brain injuries and you didn't get something right, there's always that “oh--this must be my brain just not working Well!” That might be true sometimes--but a lot of times--WRONG! Like this week.

It’s not just MY sites, MY blogs--this is all over communication networks! A SYSTEM problem!

The networks are doing their best to protect US from the disruptive cyber-attacks. It’ll all work again soon. Breathe deep and be patient! There are a lot of disruptive attacks going on all over the place. Especially at supposed Health-Care Reform supposed meetings where everyone ought to be acting with respect to themselves and respect to their neighbors at the meeting. So that all of US can be heard. That's why I started this blog.

Hah! Must be brain-damaged to start a couple of blogs on the eve of a cyber attack of communications media! Oh. Wait a minute--I am--according to Mainstream Medicine. They said it was "permanent." Today I’m exploring all the new ways that are the blossoming and the many platforms allowing regular people being able to quickly connect and share.Twitter. Facebook, Delicious. Digg. And my brain is working so Well that I not only GET it but find myself explaining this “new stuff” to some really advanced long-time computer-users!

Then again, Mainstream Medicine said I'd never get my sight back too. It took 5.5 years of some pretty serious on-going Self-Care Wellness Practices and some brilliant and committed Pro's at Alternative Assisted-Care to prove that "for the rest of your life" stuff wrong.

Alternative Health and Medicine and a Wellness Lifestyle that’s not taught in Medical School proved that wrong and I can SEE and I’m Well today.

Just like these present problems on Twitter and Facebook and Blogger et al are not your computer or my blog--they’re systemic--so are the problems in our badly broken Health-Care system.

So why are they only talking to the people who ran that system and America's Health into the sad state it’s in?

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  1. 1. Obama sites Medicare and Medicaid as examples. That makes my is socialized medical care, and it is lousy. I know because my husband is on it, and so was my Mom whom I took care of. We have to purchase extra insurance so the thing won't bankrupt us or leave us without care for what it will not pay (donut hole as example). Plus it is due to go bankrupt itself.

    2. What has the Federal Government run successfully so far other than e-verify which it wants to get rid of? Every bill passed in the last few administration favors big business at the expense of the middle class (bail out money case in point). The Health Care bill will most likely be the same. How many times must we be fooled before we learn.

    3. Government interference is what caused the problem in the first place. Lets remove the legislation that caused the problem, and watch how easily it is solved.

    4. More On What Drives Up Health Care

    5. More importantly, if one reads the Constitution, the Federal Government cannot usurp a power not explicitly given it in that document (read Amendment X). The Fed is prohibited from providing socialized medical is illegal. Thus if we give them this power, we give up more liberties spelled out in the Constitution. Is that what Americans really want?


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