Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Alternative Discussion started by a Private Citizen

My own website Zeeva.net is about The Art of Wellness and Inspiration. That’s my focus: Natural Health and Wellness ARTS. You’ll meet some SCIENTISTS there too. UnCommon Sense with Z an Art of Wellness POV is about the Art of Wellness and Inspiration--we need a LOT of both these days.

I WANT America to GET WELL AGAIN like I DID!

but until WE-the-PEOPLE make our voices heard--all the lobbyists are wining and dining our rep's and they're missing the point:

It's not just the delivery of Health Care that needs to be changed--It's the KIND of Health Care that gets paid for!

If you’re among the more than 1/2 of Americans who choose natural Alternative Medicine, and natural Health and Wellness instead of becoming Chronic Managed Disease on drugs--obese and overmedicated heading for disaster--

If you’re among the more than 1/2 of Americans who choose and are spending a LOT of

out-of-pocket money to BE WELL and STAY WELL--naturally--

If you are an Alternative Wellness PRO--and would like to be heard, respected--and-can you imagine--actually be covered by any Health Plan our Deciders in DC will choose...

if you have a story about how Mainstream Medicine and the Medical Insurance (and other "Health") industries failed you--and you got well again naturally--like I did

As a private citizen exercising my constitutional rights I set up this open discussion forum where you can RAISE YOUR VOICE FOR THE REAL SOLUTION TO CUT COSTS AND MAKE AMERICA WELL AGAIN!

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Let's TELL OUR DECIDERS IN DC what they really need to be talking about as they Reform the Broken System that's been running US into illness, poor health, chronic managed disease--and emptying our coffers!

that's MY story--what's yours?

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Raise your voice for your right to Natural Alternative Health!
Are you like more than 50% of Americans spending out of pocket for Alternative Medicine?
What should our representatives have on the table--who should they be talking with, and what KIND of health care do you want available with ANY plan they come up with?