Wednesday, August 19, 2009

National Co-ops and Private Co-ops

I find it very interesting that the news media is finally talking about the co-op option. Odly enough they are saying there are no examples to show it works. Hm mm

  • The North East Florida Real Estate Association (NEFAR) had a co-op for a few years. If you were a member you could belong, and enroll your family. It was negotiated by a local insurance agent with an insurance company called Well Care. It was excellent.

1. No pre-existing conditions applied

2. Very affordable since there were many members involved

3. The doctors liked and accepted Well Care because they were good about paying.

Government regulation put a stop to it though.

  • You might also recall me telling you how small business owners use to be able to pool together in a large group to do similarly

  • The North East Florida Builders Association also once had one before regulations put a stop to that as well.

These programs worked so well that I tried many times to find one again. Eventually I asked a local agent why it was so impossible to find. His reply: "There were people joining them who were not members." Hm mm....who was so concerned about that?

The consideration today, of course, is a government run program rather than private ones as the above examples. Have you ever called the IRS? Well, that is what it is like to call Medicare. I much prefer calling my local agent as I can easily fire him if he does a poor job. Do you not find it odd that Uncle Sam creates the problem, and than rushes in saying: "I'll solve it, I'll solve it!

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