Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear President Obama from one of the 49 million

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Dear President Obama

Americans are behaving badly. The negotiations are a mess. The conversation we should be having is not happening: our representatives aren’t running civilized conversations at public meetings--they’re allowing agitators with agendas and the fearful uninformed to stir up more fear and unrest instead of discussing the change we want, the solutions we need. We’re not having a discussion--I just heard a CNN commentator call what’s going on “a food fight.”

I hear our rep’s don’t even want to read the reform bills which have too much complexity and still cost too much. That’s probably because our representatives are negotiating with the wrong people.

I’m one of the 49 million who are uninsured. I don’t think I’m invulnerable or will never get hit by a bus. I just choose a different style of maintaining my Health and Wellness than anything that’s ever been covered by Medical Insurers in my lifetime or yours.

You can tell me all you like that if something extreme happens--I’ll need the ER and perhaps that’s true. But something extreme did happen to me in 1998--and Mainstream Medicine gave me up for a goner. All they wanted to do was drug me and put me in a board and care. They told me I’d be blind, brain-damaged and disabled for the rest of my life. At great expense to taxpayers. But the same Industries that are the only ones I see at our Health-Care-Reform negotiating table would have had another customer for life.

I was blind more than 5 years. My brain functions were going haywire, I was sick, and all mainstream Medicine could or wanted to do was drug me. Today I can see, my brain works pretty good, and I’m Well. Not healed by the kind of Medicine that’s held a monopoly in the US for more than half a century; that’s why you didn’t see any MD’s on TV broadcasting my “miracle.”

What the AMA’s now calling a Wellness Lifestyle or Functional Medicine and the Alternative medicine they’ve quacked at and kept from competing in a fair market for customers for all of my life saved my life, allowed me to regain my sight, my brain, and my Health and Wellness.

Among the 49 million uninsured are many of us who gave up on AMA-style Medicine and choose to pay what we have to or can to get Well, be Well, and stay Well naturally. Without side-effects or addictions or chronic disease thats “incurable but manageable.”

Let me tell you what I’d like:

I’d like the AMA-Pharma-Provider-Insurance Industry monopoly busted, the corporations who failed us and helped bust our bank liquidated, and the talent pool reorganized into a co-operative system that includes the huge army of Holistic Wellness Doctors and other Professionals for those of us who choose them to take care of US.. see my first blog post.

I’d like to have a Health Care system like other countries-healthier-than-US-who-spend- less have: your regular health maintenance is free and if you have something extreme happen, that’s covered too. There are no insurance-bot’s pushing your buttons and denial papers and stressing you out while you get worse.

I’d like to see a yearly Health Maintenance allowance to be spent on the style of health Care and Medicine an individual chooses.

For those who want or believe in these 20th Century expensive and scientific pharmaceutical and technological extreme “solutions,” they should get them. We have generations of MD’s trained in that style.

For those of us who choose to be Well via Holistic Medicine (there’s plenty of science behind it) instead of becoming Chronic Managed Diseases, needing more and more Pharma and extreme expensive treatments--we should be able to get them too. We have a tremendous pool of talent our government’s not even talking to--talent with an excellent success rate.

Five years of this kind of operation should give some excellent empirical evidence on how Alternative Health and Medicine and a supported Wellness Lifestyle

compares to the only style of “Health-Care” that’s been ever been available via public or private plans in the US. You’d have a country-wide study of citizens who chose to compare:

We’d see one group continuing the terrible trend of prescription drug addiction, and plummeting health and expensive Health-Care needs.

We’d see the other group of people Well and Healthy and contributing to moving US into the 21st Century--and costing a fraction of what the first group is costing.

Maybe come September we can see a new cast of characters advising our representatives of how to cut costs while returning US to better Health and Wellness.

The ones who’ve been doing it for decades--outside the Medical Industrial Complex of Costs.

I’d like to see US get rid of the need for insurance altogether. But if you’re going to require one--I can’t afford to pay for medical insurance policies that cover as many pharmaceutical solutions as the Medical Dealers can get kick-backs for-- but will not pay for US to maintain or regain our health with the natural Alternative Medicine, supplements, and non-invasive and effective treatments we prefer.

Thanks for all your hard work. Now as our leader--can you come out and inspire US to behave better? Or spank those that won’t?

N.”Z” Zazhinne

Artist Dancer Storyteller

Author: Zeeva: The Art of Wellness

the True Story of How Z Got Well Again

and You Can Too!

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