Monday, August 3, 2009

Mandatory Health Insurance? More Like Mandated Managed Disease!

Q: Are the people we all voted for in DC representing US and what WE want? I’m not blind anymore--no thanks to any of the people DC seems to think are the whole world of Health and Health-Care.

The only players I see at the tables of all these supposed Health-Care Reform Discussions are the ones who’ve had a chokehold on the health of we-the-people of the USA for the last 40-50 years! They’ve made indecent sums of money--good for them. For US-- they’ve succeeded in turning US into the number-1-nation in drug-Managed Chronic Disease. Their return-customers for life!

This no-longer blind artist is watching all the news. I’m seeing.

I just don’t like what I’m seeing. I’m listening--I don’t like what I’m hearing. I’m using all my senses--and it just doesn’t make sense to me. We’re falling into the same hypnotic lull that the sweet-music-pretty-images-soft-sell-but-hard-to-the-subconscious-mind-so-it-hits-you-without-you-really-knowing-it we’ve all been programmed by for years to “ask YOUR doctor about” this or that drug.

I know lobbying in itself is a big part of DC’s economy. But last week unveiled a scary truth: the Pharmaceutical Industry alone has more lobbyists lobbying our rep’s than we have rep’s in DC!

I wonder if you add all the lobbyists the other players I’m seeing at the discussion-tables have--how many would that make?

Let’s SEE-- there’s:

--the AMA--who’s kept Alternative Wellness Doctors who have a completely different style training--one that actually focuses on Wellness and bringing their patients back to Health and Wellness--rather than turning US into a Chronic Managed Disease--from having an officially approved or insurance-covered piece of the pie for DECADES! Forcing WE-the People spend out of pocket to be Well.

--the Medical Industry--who has long over-charged US, been irresponsible and shirked accountability, and mismanaged our health for their profit

--the Medical Insurance companies--who’ve refused to pay for the care we paid for, refused to pay for care we WANT to have the choice to pursue, dropped us when we needed to collect on what we’d been paying for for years, and gouged or refused to cover people whose health took a turn for the worse

WHY are these the only players at the tables with our Rep’s?

From what Z can see-it seems to me more like instead of repping US--the Rep’s we voted into their DC offices are repping the Industry Players who Made US SICK! How smart is that?

Last week I heard 49 million of US are uninsured. Today I heard it’s 47 million (what happened to those other 2 mil?) According to Rep Phil Gingry (R-Georgia) “18 million of those are making 50-75 K and just don’t want to purchase health insurance.”

I’ve got news for you: among all US 47 (or 49) million who don’t have health insurance--it’s not that we don’t want to be forced to purchase Health insurance--it’s that Health Insurance hasn’t--and I don’t SEE anything changing--covered the Alternative Medicine we CHOOSE for our Health and Wellness. Except for in grudging meaningless tidbits --if at all. But it’ll pay for all kinds of drugs we don’t want to take.

Business-as-usual MEDICINE gave me up and wanted to manage my brain-damage and blindness for the rest of my life in a board-n-care.

Alternative Medicine--all those people our Rep’s in DC are leaving out of The Discussion--brought me back to getting my sight back and getting Well again.

To All My Deciders: I can’t afford to fly to DC to wine you and dine you--all I can do is use my creativity and my free speech and hope a lot of people forward this to you.

We do not WANT to choose to be Chronic Managed Diseases on Drugs--er-”Medications.” Real reform in Health Care means fixing the Culture of Managed-Disease Medical Industry that’s made America sick.

If only you’d make my book your summer vacation reading--learn and practice Zeeva’s Art of Wellness your SELVES. Even though you have the kind of medical coverage the rest of the country’d like and your jobs are secure--for now--I’m American--you can take advantage of Zeeva Health-Care-Reform-Crisis-and Economic-Crisis-Relief special pricing too. Then you’d understand that Wholism and Ecology are crucial. It’s not just HOW we deliver what gets paid for and by whom. Plenty of MD’s feel--against their union’s belief--that continuing to provide the KIND of care we’ve been providing will be even more of a disaster to America’s health. It’s not ecological--we’re wasting America’s HUMAN resources and busting our Economy--it’s not sustainable and we’ve known that a long time!

Ben Bernanke gets that--I caught his Town Hall on the Economy.

Just like the Fed’s not doing enough about waste and stealing in the economic bailout--you’re not doing enough to protect US from the most dangerous of Drug Dealers--MD’s and Pharma! You’re being wined and dined by their lobbyists.

Ben said what he REALLY doesn’t like is “allowing companies that practice reckless judgement to continue.” Ben’s pretty smart.

We-the-people voted and said we wanted CHANGE. I don’t see CHANGE. We want you to remove the creators of much of the waste--both of money spent to deny treatments and time wasted--that has resulted in too many deaths and disabilities of Americans waiting for their insurance companies to do what they contracted to do--pay when we’re sick.

How about a government fund overseen by a 21st century-style New Paradigm of Health, Wellness and Medical Arts and Sciences--a Revolving Group made up of a diverse group of Health, Wellness and Medical Professionals who co-operate for America’s Health and Wellness instead of compete for our business and our money?

If you’re not gonna do what all the other countries in this world do--and provide paid-for Health-Care as everyone’s right--and you want to mandate insurance coverage for US--then let’s start talking about Wellness. For that you have to bring in all the other Doctors. The ones who aren’t in the AMA. The REAL Wellness Pro’s.

The state of health America’s in today--we’ll have a need for Disease Management and extreme and expensive brilliance-of-American-Science-and-Technology Medicine for years to come. Please let in the Wellness Pro’s--for the rest of US who want to get Well again and Stay Well.

That’s MY story--what’s yours?


originally posted at August 1 2009

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