Monday, August 3, 2009

Z’s Call for a New 21st Century Paradigm for Our Health and Wellness: a True Co-Operation of Health, Wellness, and Medical Arts and Sciences

Are we supposed to be having a National Health Care Discussion? People always ask me: what’s it like to see again--after years of being blind--what do you see?

Right now, I don’t see change I see one big promo for business as usual running the show. So I’m jumping in with my own POV.

OK Media: I’m paying attention. I’m seeing MD’s of all kinds telling us how they’re creating change and industry types--including the medical insurance industry--telling us about the changes they’re creating for us--and I want to know Media--because surely YOU know--where are the voices of Wellness in this supposedly open honest Discussion?

Where are the Chiropractors, the Homeopaths, the Naturopaths, the Osteopaths and OMD’s, all the non-Union (AMA) Doctors who’ve studied and practiced to bring us into the balanced Wellness that’s the human body’s natural state as many years as the union Doctors have to be experts at diagnosing and managing disease--til it progresses enough to pull out the big-gun and expensive miracles of 20th Century Medical Science?

Where are all of the other real Alternative Wellness Professionals--the ones that more than half of us right here in the USA are turning to--out-of-pocket? The ones who’ve been here all the time, all of my life--helping their patients get WELL?

This formerly blind artist would rather be looking at more inspiring stuff--like the ART at the Getty Center--but I really care about how we change our nation’s Health-Care-System-Gone-Horribly-Wrong! So here’s what I see.

I see a nation gone broke and the USA gone from being #1 healthiest nation in the world to what--37? 38?

A full 1/3 of us--man, woman, and child--now obese, diabetic, riddled with chronic disease, taking “medications.” We spend more than all the other countries healthier than us--but we’re #1 in the world in chronic pharmaceutically managed disease! We all kind of know this by now.

I see the industry that made this mess realizing change is inevitable and trying to maintain their monopoly when they’ve failed us for decades!

What I don’t see are all the programs on the real far-more-cost-effective alternatives that clearly work better here and around the world than the kind of medicine we’ve had--oh--about half a century.

If we’re having a National Discussion and we’re talking change--let’s take all those restrictions off of people who are Well-versed and Well-trained in real Natural Wellness Arts and Sciences!

We all see how fast the old-rule industries are passing down the economic bailouts to we the people. Seems to me letting the Corporate Medical Industries who got us into this fine mess of ill-health with their greed take control or have more than a balanced say--from their areas of expertise--in how we CHANGE and HEAL our broken Health-Care system, I must agree with the courageous pioneers inside the AMA, hoping and working to create change who speak up and say: “if we just change how we provide healthcare--but not the kind of care we provide--we’re only doing the wrong thing better.”

originally posted on July 11 2009

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