Monday, August 3, 2009

The ALTERNATIVE and REAL Health-Care Reform Solution

Why are we letting the failures run the show? The only Health Care we’re presently talkin’ has already FAILED US! 50 years ago--the USA was the healthiest country in the world! After half a century of Pharmaceutical Disease Management by profiteers in

Medicine, Pharma, Med-Insurance, and the plethora of corporate medical “providers”--all getting ridiculously wealthy at the expense of America’s health--we are the #1 nation on earth in Chronic Managed Disease. At least 1/3 of us obese--man-woman-and-child. 10% of the Health-Care dollars we spend is on obesity-related health issues.

I grew up on the INSIDE of the Medical profession--so I knew not to believe the Medical Mainstream that said I was “permanently blind, permanently brain-damaged, and permanently disabled.” I grew up trained in healthy lifestyle and old-world Alternatives to the “pharmaceutical bent of American Medicine” my father the MD, Medical professor, Chief-of-Staff, and Institute director was worried about back in the 1960’s!

Our politicians are not completely ignorant--on Feb 26 09--four prominent MD’s spoke for almost 2 hours to a Senate Committee

on the pathway to a healthier nation being Integrative Care. I’m just an artist--so don’t take MY word for it--take theirs:

“if we improve the wrong type of care then we will simply be doing the wrong things better” Dr Mark Hyman

“We don’t need to wait for a breakthrough we just need to use what we already KNOW to change our lives.” Dr Dean Ornish

“We seem to be locked into a system of disease management...

Unless we change the kind of medicine we do today we won’t be able to afford it.....Our physicians and allied health professionals are not trained to use low-tech approaches...I was taught very little about health and healing in medical school.”

Dr Andrew Weill

It’s an interesting meeting--if you have the time:

The Mainstream Medicine being practiced right now in the USA said I’d never get better again. Per the AMA--I should be blind, partially-functioning, drugged up and in a board and care today. I used what we ALREADY know to change my life and though it took me YEARS--and I had to leave the USA to get the treatments that helped bring my sight back after 5.5 years blind--and come back to what all the MD’s said I’d never be again--SEEING and really WELL today. The care and treatments I received in another country were more humane, compassionate and a fraction of the cost of anything we have available to US here!

If we’re REALLY going to bring the USA back to real meaningful health and wellness today--we’re not going to do it the way this present Health-Care “Reform” is going. We need to BREAK the AMA-BigPharma monopoly on our health--and allow the many

Well-trained Alternative Medical professionals into this mix.

That’s MY story--what’s yours? Z

originally posted on July 28 2009

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  1. Natural medicine deserves a place at the table as well. Is it possible that through enough public pressure it could have a voice? I'm afraid huge pharmaceutical companies will do everything in their power so that this doesn't happen.


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