Monday, August 17, 2009

Check out this article. We need to support the Public Option even if it’s just in our prayers. to Technorati Favorites

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  1. Listening to the news and seems like Obama's backing down from the public option. Time for e-mails to the White House saying PUBLIC OPTION! If they stopped negotiating with the Medical Industrial Pharmaceutical and Provider Industries under whose "care" America went from healthiest nation on earth to #37 and #1 in the world in Chronic Managed Disease and #1 in how much we spend--perhaps they'd come to some REAL ideas about improving health AND cutting costs.


Raise your voice for your right to Natural Alternative Health!
Are you like more than 50% of Americans spending out of pocket for Alternative Medicine?
What should our representatives have on the table--who should they be talking with, and what KIND of health care do you want available with ANY plan they come up with?