Friday, August 28, 2009

Stop the Shot: "Swine Flu" Vaccine: Untested, Uninsurable, Unproven

Dr Rima explains what you should know about--and make your own noise about too!

FDA and Government

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A research scientist talks about Big Farma and Big Government Here

Thursday, August 27, 2009

You Are the Solution

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Understanding the problems and causes we currently face with
with health care is important only because it opens the door to a solution, and here is a solution for your research. Bill HR 1495 removes many of the government restrictions we have been talking about on this blog. If you agree then by all means become part of the solution by supporting it

Research here
and here

support here by signing the petition
tell your senator to support HR 1495
tell your Congressman to support HR 1495

Tell your friends too

The Media: Brought to You by the Drug Dealers

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The emperor has no clothes! Are we just too medicated to tell?
Think of all the commercials you take in all the time on the radio and TV. Ask your doctors about... We're seeing a parade of MD's on all the "news" programs and the great big push for scaring US into making sure we get in line for those "won't have enough and may not be ready in time" swine flu vac's. Oh please--the amount of time getting the vac's ready and distributed is plenty of time to take yourSELF in hand, and with diet, lifestyle and natural means--BUILD UP YOUR OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM! But are any Dr's on TV or in mainstream media pushing that idea?

In the last half-century--the AMA Manageable-Disease Model of Medicine took America from #1 healthiest and most prosperous nation in the world to being the #1 most chronically diseased--and broke!
We KNOW we want change, we WANT to be healthier--but we're being swamped with scary information and programmed into wanting more drugs. We now WANT that vaccine! More vaccines! MORE pills to take away whatever is bothering us or we fear might!

Even though the "take a pill and take away the symptom" Medicine that made US (even Dr's in hospitals) forget basic things like good hygiene and not spreading disease.

Why should we worry about things like THAT when we can take a pill or get a shot and then no worries? Maybe because all those lulling voices that fall into the background of your subconscious are telling you of the very real dangers. Yet Dr's are still pushing drugs.

Other Dr's find themselves between a rock and a hard place. More MD's are voicing concerns about this style of Medicine than ever. Yet they have to play by their Union Rules if they're going to keep their right to do what they dedicated their lives to--practice medicine. The money that pays for the Mainstream Media is so sweet and pays for all that programming we want! When I was a child, the AMA thought it'd be "questionable ethics" to allow companies that stood to profit finance research or advertise directly to patients. Now Pharma pays for a LOT of programming.

Programming. Think about that. While you're being entertained and informed--you're also being programmed to do what's profitable for the sponsors. Get vaccinated. Take a pill. Don't worry about all those "take good care of your SELF" habits people used to know mattered to staying and being healthy!

Most people don't read news, they watch it, hear it. Those who read and then share--find things out like:
JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association)'s Aug 18 issue actually calls into question the marketing practices of the company pushing for mandatory vaccination of schoolgirls. Another article reports high rates of fainting and blood clotting. Yet--the CDC and FDA say so far the adverse effects of Gardasil--including 32 young women or girls who DIED-- are "in line with other vaccines." At least OTHER Dr's--MD's who care about healing are speaking out. Don't take MY word for it--see the video link!

Meanwhile--mothers are being programmed that if they're good mothers and care about their daughters--school's coming--get your daughter protected. Drugs are GOOD. They PROTECT you and your loved ones. And all the lobbyists romancing our Deciders in DC keep funneling our tax dollars out of our sadly empty coffers to BUY THEIR DRUGS and make sure they get paid for--for Medicaire recipients, for Medicaid recipients, for all the many guinea pigs-for-Pharma Public Medicine of any kind provides.

Maybe all those pills lulled US into a stupor of inaction. This style of Medicine got US to #37 --36 industrialized nations that don't have to worry about the COST of their medical expenses and treatments are healthier than US. They take less drugs, have less chronic disease, and cost their systems less. I just heardf Deepak Chopra say on CNN that in terms of medical outcomes--that's just what it sounds like--the outcome for YOU the patient--we're even LOWER than that embarrasing #37--in patient outcomes--we're something like 76!

Those hyperactivity drugs we've been "controlling" our kid's childhoods with have caused a 76% increase in ER visits and are now among the most abused prescription drugs. Not to mention what they're done to the brain and body development of small human beings who now grow up with "disorders.'

A "Wellness Lifestyle" combined with non-invasive Holistic treatments and protocols brought ME back from "permanently brain-damaged, permanently blind, and permanently disabled" to
vibrant good health. The Medical System only had drugs, drugs, and more drugs to offer me.

As a MD, researcher, and Medical Educator's daughter--I learned HOW to be well the "old-school" Dr's way: the way human beings have taken care of themselves to be well for thousands of years. The way Hippocrates taught: what you eat and drink, how you take care of yourself, herbs--yes HE used herbs--affect WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE and are ABLE TO DO.

Yet we love our entertainment and no longer even think about the two meanings of programming.

Where's our little innocent child to say: The emperor has no clothes!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

By a Dr.: What Drives Up Cost Of Medical Care & Alternative Remedies

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WELL worth the read! Here's a clip from it:
"Another factor driving up costs and contributing to poor quality care is the medical cartel. A cartel exists when one group works together to set prices and control all steps in the production and distribution of a commodity or service. Through licensing and other laws enacted in the early part of the 20th century, one group, the American Medical Association, controls how many medical schools exist, how many students enroll, what is taught in the schools, the availability of hospital residencies, and, indirectly through licensing laws, who will get jobs in medicine. It would be difficult to find an industry in America that is more tightly controlled by one group or union.

Alternative therapies and practitioners have been ruthlessly suppressed, their proponents often being run out of the country. Thousands of Americans flee each year to Mexico and Europe to obtain products and therapies banned in the United States but in use for as many as 50 years elsewhere.

The kingpin of the cartel is the restrictive state-medical licensing laws, passed in the early part of the 20th century. Previously, there were no licenses and the health-care system worked well. However, one group of physicians, the allopaths or drug doctors, felt they were not making enough money. The AMA, formed in 1847, was quite candid about its intentions. It sought vigorously to reduce the supply of doctors by eliminating the competition and controlling the number of medical graduates. With backing from the Carnegie Foundation and the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, the AMA was quite successful. Because of its efforts, the number of healing schools fell from 140 in 1900 to 77 in 1940.

The purpose of a cartel is to improve the income of its members. From this perspective, American health care is a resounding success. John C. Goodman and Gerald L. Musgrave, in their excellent book Patient Power, explain that "the AMA endorsed the idea of a medical cartel and made participation in it ethically mandatory."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

National Co-ops and Private Co-ops

I find it very interesting that the news media is finally talking about the co-op option. Odly enough they are saying there are no examples to show it works. Hm mm

  • The North East Florida Real Estate Association (NEFAR) had a co-op for a few years. If you were a member you could belong, and enroll your family. It was negotiated by a local insurance agent with an insurance company called Well Care. It was excellent.

1. No pre-existing conditions applied

2. Very affordable since there were many members involved

3. The doctors liked and accepted Well Care because they were good about paying.

Government regulation put a stop to it though.

  • You might also recall me telling you how small business owners use to be able to pool together in a large group to do similarly

  • The North East Florida Builders Association also once had one before regulations put a stop to that as well.

These programs worked so well that I tried many times to find one again. Eventually I asked a local agent why it was so impossible to find. His reply: "There were people joining them who were not members." Hm mm....who was so concerned about that?

The consideration today, of course, is a government run program rather than private ones as the above examples. Have you ever called the IRS? Well, that is what it is like to call Medicare. I much prefer calling my local agent as I can easily fire him if he does a poor job. Do you not find it odd that Uncle Sam creates the problem, and than rushes in saying: "I'll solve it, I'll solve it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Check out this article. We need to support the Public Option even if it’s just in our prayers. to Technorati Favorites

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hurray for the First MD Brave Enough for TRUTH!

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Last night Dr Andrew Weill came out on Larry King CNN and disagreed with all the union-song singing MD's about our Health-Care Reform! THANK YOU Dr Weill!
'Course--with 40 years in his profession and the huge success that his commitment to Natural Healing, his clinics, books, products, and affiliations have given him--unlike other MD's who need to stay good with their union--the AMA, he doesn't really have to worry about remaining in the AMA's good graces to make a living doing what he does.

How many other MD's wish they could be as honest but fear being censured or worse?
To read about his comments and the latest:

For those of you who don't want to read the whole article--do anyway--it's important and good! But Dr Weill said in no uncertain terms that if we do not change the CONTENT of Health Care, we are headed for disaster. He again talked truth and said that "Physicians have no training in the low-tech, low-cost ALTERNATIVES to what we've been doing that has not worked."

As a union member--he held off on saying how many WELL-trained ALTERNATIVE Doctors and many other Alternative Health Pro's we have operating in the USA already! Pro's who have kept or returned many of us back to GOOD HEALTH and WELLNESS!

I have no affiliations with the AMA--beyond reading their news aloud to my Daddy the Doctor from a tender age, and my continuing to follow how the AMA and their co-conspirators, funders/suppliers Big Pharma have thought to grow rich off of creating a chronically diseased America.

It is more than time to end their monopoly over our Health and Wellness. Neither our government nor We-the-People can afford it any more!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear President Obama from one of the 49 million

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Dear President Obama

Americans are behaving badly. The negotiations are a mess. The conversation we should be having is not happening: our representatives aren’t running civilized conversations at public meetings--they’re allowing agitators with agendas and the fearful uninformed to stir up more fear and unrest instead of discussing the change we want, the solutions we need. We’re not having a discussion--I just heard a CNN commentator call what’s going on “a food fight.”

I hear our rep’s don’t even want to read the reform bills which have too much complexity and still cost too much. That’s probably because our representatives are negotiating with the wrong people.

I’m one of the 49 million who are uninsured. I don’t think I’m invulnerable or will never get hit by a bus. I just choose a different style of maintaining my Health and Wellness than anything that’s ever been covered by Medical Insurers in my lifetime or yours.

You can tell me all you like that if something extreme happens--I’ll need the ER and perhaps that’s true. But something extreme did happen to me in 1998--and Mainstream Medicine gave me up for a goner. All they wanted to do was drug me and put me in a board and care. They told me I’d be blind, brain-damaged and disabled for the rest of my life. At great expense to taxpayers. But the same Industries that are the only ones I see at our Health-Care-Reform negotiating table would have had another customer for life.

I was blind more than 5 years. My brain functions were going haywire, I was sick, and all mainstream Medicine could or wanted to do was drug me. Today I can see, my brain works pretty good, and I’m Well. Not healed by the kind of Medicine that’s held a monopoly in the US for more than half a century; that’s why you didn’t see any MD’s on TV broadcasting my “miracle.”

What the AMA’s now calling a Wellness Lifestyle or Functional Medicine and the Alternative medicine they’ve quacked at and kept from competing in a fair market for customers for all of my life saved my life, allowed me to regain my sight, my brain, and my Health and Wellness.

Among the 49 million uninsured are many of us who gave up on AMA-style Medicine and choose to pay what we have to or can to get Well, be Well, and stay Well naturally. Without side-effects or addictions or chronic disease thats “incurable but manageable.”

Let me tell you what I’d like:

I’d like the AMA-Pharma-Provider-Insurance Industry monopoly busted, the corporations who failed us and helped bust our bank liquidated, and the talent pool reorganized into a co-operative system that includes the huge army of Holistic Wellness Doctors and other Professionals for those of us who choose them to take care of US.. see my first blog post.

I’d like to have a Health Care system like other countries-healthier-than-US-who-spend- less have: your regular health maintenance is free and if you have something extreme happen, that’s covered too. There are no insurance-bot’s pushing your buttons and denial papers and stressing you out while you get worse.

I’d like to see a yearly Health Maintenance allowance to be spent on the style of health Care and Medicine an individual chooses.

For those who want or believe in these 20th Century expensive and scientific pharmaceutical and technological extreme “solutions,” they should get them. We have generations of MD’s trained in that style.

For those of us who choose to be Well via Holistic Medicine (there’s plenty of science behind it) instead of becoming Chronic Managed Diseases, needing more and more Pharma and extreme expensive treatments--we should be able to get them too. We have a tremendous pool of talent our government’s not even talking to--talent with an excellent success rate.

Five years of this kind of operation should give some excellent empirical evidence on how Alternative Health and Medicine and a supported Wellness Lifestyle

compares to the only style of “Health-Care” that’s been ever been available via public or private plans in the US. You’d have a country-wide study of citizens who chose to compare:

We’d see one group continuing the terrible trend of prescription drug addiction, and plummeting health and expensive Health-Care needs.

We’d see the other group of people Well and Healthy and contributing to moving US into the 21st Century--and costing a fraction of what the first group is costing.

Maybe come September we can see a new cast of characters advising our representatives of how to cut costs while returning US to better Health and Wellness.

The ones who’ve been doing it for decades--outside the Medical Industrial Complex of Costs.

I’d like to see US get rid of the need for insurance altogether. But if you’re going to require one--I can’t afford to pay for medical insurance policies that cover as many pharmaceutical solutions as the Medical Dealers can get kick-backs for-- but will not pay for US to maintain or regain our health with the natural Alternative Medicine, supplements, and non-invasive and effective treatments we prefer.

Thanks for all your hard work. Now as our leader--can you come out and inspire US to behave better? Or spank those that won’t?

N.”Z” Zazhinne

Artist Dancer Storyteller

Author: Zeeva: The Art of Wellness

the True Story of How Z Got Well Again

and You Can Too!

The Importance Of You

The other day I had the most interesting conversation with Zee, a very informed lady. We had both studied Joseph Cambell's writings. In his book. "The Power of Myth", he talks about the meaning of the Pyramid on the dollar bill.

It is a Masonic symbol which means that if one is on the North side of the Pyramid what he sees is true, but he can not see what is on the South side, which is also true. The all seeing eye at the top seeks to see and understand all sides.

There is a lot of discussion lately about many political issues. This is a new phenomenon in my life time because we have all been taught not to talk about such things with anyone who might disagree with us, or we might find ourselves in an unwanted argument. How sad that is because it is so polarizing. However I have recently discovered some very interesting things that unite us as Americans, as did Nine Eleven. We can discuss these things, and even disagree as long as we can listen and communicate respectfully. ..the all seeing eye at the top of the Pyramid. Not one of us is as smart as all of us.

The news leads us to believe that we have but two choices concerning health care...what we now have, or the Obama Plan. But we in fact have more choices. Please permit me to present the following to you:

  • Obama gives Medicare and Medicaid as examples of socialized medical care. He makes a valid is socialized medical care, and it is lousy. I know because my husband is on it, and so was my Mom whom I took care of. We have to purchase extra insurance so the thing won't bankrupt us or leave us without care for what it will not pay (donut hole as example). Plus it is due to go bankrupt itself.

  • What has the Federal Government run successfully so far other than e-verify which it wants to get rid of? Every bill passed in the last few administrations favors big business at the expense of the middle class (bail out money case in point). The Health Care bill will most likely be the same. How many times must we be fooled before we learn.

  • Government interference is what caused the problem in the first place. Lets remove the legislation that caused the problem, and watch how easily it is solved. One can read more about this at the two following links
More On What Drives Up Health Care
Personal Story: Health Insurance

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Disruptions, Disruptions, Disruptions

Add to Technorati FavoritesWow! Who's attacking the social networking sites? The Twitter-revolution Iran-style must've scared people who don't want people to share information quickly! For anyone's who's tried to post in the last couple of days and had trouble- thanks for contacting me and letting me know you couldn't post!
When I couldn't figure out what I'd done "wrong" myself--I went to my experts at my favorite Apple store. That was BEFORE anyone knew there was yet another "cyberattack" going on.

I found this update posted Aug 7 on the Blogger Discussions:

"Like Twitter and Facebook and other services this last week, Blogger is currently under a significant DDOS attack, and the 403 messages are a temporary prevention put in place to try to squash the attack. We'll keep you posted. Thanks for understanding!"

Some v-mails and e-mails reporting inability to post also said "How do I post?" and "What's that Open ID thing--I've seen it before--what is it?" I googled Open ID before I went to my experts to figure out why people couldn't post. When I got to my experts--they too said--"Open ID--yeh-I've seen that--what IS it?"

It's a good thing to know that even savvy guru's didn't know that! So I'm taking a moment to empower you:

The nutshell: You know what a pain it is--when you have to figure out a new username and password for each different site

Open ID eliminates the need for that! It’s YOUR chosen ID and you can get onto oh--about 50,000 sites by now. You MAY already have one and don’t know it! If you’re registered with Google, Yahoo, Blogger, Flickr, or a whole LIST of services--that ID may be your Open ID. If you don’t have one, it’s easy to get and it’s free. Be Aware: if someone else used your computer to get on some site--you may find their user name registered as YOUR open ID! You CAN change it--mine was an ancient user name--not the one I want to use now and it was easy to change!

It’s free and it’s YOUR ID. Once you have it--goodbye to all those “oh what am I going to call myself for THIS site?”s! Also see: you can go to different blogs and sites and log-in with your own Open ID. Ok?

Of course--I thought: “I must’ve done something wrong!” That’s a common assumption for anyone when you’re new at something. When you’ve had brain injuries and you didn't get something right, there's always that “oh--this must be my brain just not working Well!” That might be true sometimes--but a lot of times--WRONG! Like this week.

It’s not just MY sites, MY blogs--this is all over communication networks! A SYSTEM problem!

The networks are doing their best to protect US from the disruptive cyber-attacks. It’ll all work again soon. Breathe deep and be patient! There are a lot of disruptive attacks going on all over the place. Especially at supposed Health-Care Reform supposed meetings where everyone ought to be acting with respect to themselves and respect to their neighbors at the meeting. So that all of US can be heard. That's why I started this blog.

Hah! Must be brain-damaged to start a couple of blogs on the eve of a cyber attack of communications media! Oh. Wait a minute--I am--according to Mainstream Medicine. They said it was "permanent." Today I’m exploring all the new ways that are the blossoming and the many platforms allowing regular people being able to quickly connect and share.Twitter. Facebook, Delicious. Digg. And my brain is working so Well that I not only GET it but find myself explaining this “new stuff” to some really advanced long-time computer-users!

Then again, Mainstream Medicine said I'd never get my sight back too. It took 5.5 years of some pretty serious on-going Self-Care Wellness Practices and some brilliant and committed Pro's at Alternative Assisted-Care to prove that "for the rest of your life" stuff wrong.

Alternative Health and Medicine and a Wellness Lifestyle that’s not taught in Medical School proved that wrong and I can SEE and I’m Well today.

Just like these present problems on Twitter and Facebook and Blogger et al are not your computer or my blog--they’re systemic--so are the problems in our badly broken Health-Care system.

So why are they only talking to the people who ran that system and America's Health into the sad state it’s in?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fixing Your Ability to Post!

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A lot of you have contacted me (phone msg or e-mail) saying you CAN’T POST REPLIES. Asking about Open ID. Thanks for the alerts! I was starting to feel unloved. I’m working out the glitches and consulting my experts today!

I promise I’ll master Blogger in no time--and FIX whatever’s not letting you post.

And then we can open up this talk.

I just posted "Once a Brain-Damaged Blind Chick...Cut Me Some Slack" on my uncommonsensewithz blog.

For those of you who find this blog and want to post--that blog explains what it's like to be a once-blind brand-new blogger and also Open ID. Though any of you can google THAT.

What's NOT new to me is the huge amount of waste in the Health-Care system everyone seems to agree is "Broken."

For those of you who don't know me yet--I'm an artist, a UN-brat and the daughter of a teaching physician--pathologist, Med Prof, Med Institute Director. I grew up reading the AMA news to my Daddy--English was his 6th language--and listening to him interject his very strong opinions on the politics he hated but could not avoid.

He was one of the MD's who--back in the 1960's-- did not like that American Medicine was turning into "take a pill and make the symptom go away." He did not like the direction of allowing pharmaceutical companies who stood to profit from research to fund said research. he lived to see his predictions about all these drug-solutions ruining our immune systems come true. I'm an artist--but I started collecting for non-profits in kindergarten--when I began Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF. I've been an activist for causes I CARE about all my life: the Arts, Art Education, Empowerment, the Environment, Human Rights and Human Development, and now for the Health-Care we-the-people of the USA deserve to have--just like all those other countries who are HEALTHIER than US. In this great country--Health should BE a Human Right!

Having been injured in an acute toxic chemical exposure more than a decade ago, being certified blind, diagnosed as a "permanently disabled" person--I know about my private insurance carrier loving my monthly payments as long my yearly Wellness Report said "very-good-to-excellent" in almost every category then refusing to pay when I needed it--and dropping me. I KNOW about this insane waste and inefficiency in the pub-med system I was lost in for years. I know how much money they were willing to drop on treatments that would not make me well, need even more drugs to counteract the effects of the previous drugs, and maintain me in Disability. I chose the Holistic Alternatives I knew would help me return to Health and Wellness. I teach Wholism--and we can't talk about cutting costs without talking about changing a culture that define people as a chronic disease for the rest of life" instead of bringing people back to Health and Wellness--to the profit of the only players at these HC Reform Discussion tables.

Hang in there and give me a minute: I'm consulting my experts on fixing whatever's not letting you post here this afternoon--so save your comments to a doc and check back tonight or tomorrow!

That's my story--SAVE yours and I'll make it so you can share ASAP!

Thanks for your patience, thanks for CARING!

To learn about Z's Difficult but Triumphant Adventure through the Worlds of Blindness, Brain Injury, Disability, and the Broken Systems that Have Wiped Out America's

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Alternative Discussion started by a Private Citizen

My own website is about The Art of Wellness and Inspiration. That’s my focus: Natural Health and Wellness ARTS. You’ll meet some SCIENTISTS there too. UnCommon Sense with Z an Art of Wellness POV is about the Art of Wellness and Inspiration--we need a LOT of both these days.

I WANT America to GET WELL AGAIN like I DID!

but until WE-the-PEOPLE make our voices heard--all the lobbyists are wining and dining our rep's and they're missing the point:

It's not just the delivery of Health Care that needs to be changed--It's the KIND of Health Care that gets paid for!

If you’re among the more than 1/2 of Americans who choose natural Alternative Medicine, and natural Health and Wellness instead of becoming Chronic Managed Disease on drugs--obese and overmedicated heading for disaster--

If you’re among the more than 1/2 of Americans who choose and are spending a LOT of

out-of-pocket money to BE WELL and STAY WELL--naturally--

If you are an Alternative Wellness PRO--and would like to be heard, respected--and-can you imagine--actually be covered by any Health Plan our Deciders in DC will choose...

if you have a story about how Mainstream Medicine and the Medical Insurance (and other "Health") industries failed you--and you got well again naturally--like I did

As a private citizen exercising my constitutional rights I set up this open discussion forum where you can RAISE YOUR VOICE FOR THE REAL SOLUTION TO CUT COSTS AND MAKE AMERICA WELL AGAIN!

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Let's TELL OUR DECIDERS IN DC what they really need to be talking about as they Reform the Broken System that's been running US into illness, poor health, chronic managed disease--and emptying our coffers!

that's MY story--what's yours?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mandatory Health Insurance? More Like Mandated Managed Disease!

Q: Are the people we all voted for in DC representing US and what WE want? I’m not blind anymore--no thanks to any of the people DC seems to think are the whole world of Health and Health-Care.

The only players I see at the tables of all these supposed Health-Care Reform Discussions are the ones who’ve had a chokehold on the health of we-the-people of the USA for the last 40-50 years! They’ve made indecent sums of money--good for them. For US-- they’ve succeeded in turning US into the number-1-nation in drug-Managed Chronic Disease. Their return-customers for life!

This no-longer blind artist is watching all the news. I’m seeing.

I just don’t like what I’m seeing. I’m listening--I don’t like what I’m hearing. I’m using all my senses--and it just doesn’t make sense to me. We’re falling into the same hypnotic lull that the sweet-music-pretty-images-soft-sell-but-hard-to-the-subconscious-mind-so-it-hits-you-without-you-really-knowing-it we’ve all been programmed by for years to “ask YOUR doctor about” this or that drug.

I know lobbying in itself is a big part of DC’s economy. But last week unveiled a scary truth: the Pharmaceutical Industry alone has more lobbyists lobbying our rep’s than we have rep’s in DC!

I wonder if you add all the lobbyists the other players I’m seeing at the discussion-tables have--how many would that make?

Let’s SEE-- there’s:

--the AMA--who’s kept Alternative Wellness Doctors who have a completely different style training--one that actually focuses on Wellness and bringing their patients back to Health and Wellness--rather than turning US into a Chronic Managed Disease--from having an officially approved or insurance-covered piece of the pie for DECADES! Forcing WE-the People spend out of pocket to be Well.

--the Medical Industry--who has long over-charged US, been irresponsible and shirked accountability, and mismanaged our health for their profit

--the Medical Insurance companies--who’ve refused to pay for the care we paid for, refused to pay for care we WANT to have the choice to pursue, dropped us when we needed to collect on what we’d been paying for for years, and gouged or refused to cover people whose health took a turn for the worse

WHY are these the only players at the tables with our Rep’s?

From what Z can see-it seems to me more like instead of repping US--the Rep’s we voted into their DC offices are repping the Industry Players who Made US SICK! How smart is that?

Last week I heard 49 million of US are uninsured. Today I heard it’s 47 million (what happened to those other 2 mil?) According to Rep Phil Gingry (R-Georgia) “18 million of those are making 50-75 K and just don’t want to purchase health insurance.”

I’ve got news for you: among all US 47 (or 49) million who don’t have health insurance--it’s not that we don’t want to be forced to purchase Health insurance--it’s that Health Insurance hasn’t--and I don’t SEE anything changing--covered the Alternative Medicine we CHOOSE for our Health and Wellness. Except for in grudging meaningless tidbits --if at all. But it’ll pay for all kinds of drugs we don’t want to take.

Business-as-usual MEDICINE gave me up and wanted to manage my brain-damage and blindness for the rest of my life in a board-n-care.

Alternative Medicine--all those people our Rep’s in DC are leaving out of The Discussion--brought me back to getting my sight back and getting Well again.

To All My Deciders: I can’t afford to fly to DC to wine you and dine you--all I can do is use my creativity and my free speech and hope a lot of people forward this to you.

We do not WANT to choose to be Chronic Managed Diseases on Drugs--er-”Medications.” Real reform in Health Care means fixing the Culture of Managed-Disease Medical Industry that’s made America sick.

If only you’d make my book your summer vacation reading--learn and practice Zeeva’s Art of Wellness your SELVES. Even though you have the kind of medical coverage the rest of the country’d like and your jobs are secure--for now--I’m American--you can take advantage of Zeeva Health-Care-Reform-Crisis-and Economic-Crisis-Relief special pricing too. Then you’d understand that Wholism and Ecology are crucial. It’s not just HOW we deliver what gets paid for and by whom. Plenty of MD’s feel--against their union’s belief--that continuing to provide the KIND of care we’ve been providing will be even more of a disaster to America’s health. It’s not ecological--we’re wasting America’s HUMAN resources and busting our Economy--it’s not sustainable and we’ve known that a long time!

Ben Bernanke gets that--I caught his Town Hall on the Economy.

Just like the Fed’s not doing enough about waste and stealing in the economic bailout--you’re not doing enough to protect US from the most dangerous of Drug Dealers--MD’s and Pharma! You’re being wined and dined by their lobbyists.

Ben said what he REALLY doesn’t like is “allowing companies that practice reckless judgement to continue.” Ben’s pretty smart.

We-the-people voted and said we wanted CHANGE. I don’t see CHANGE. We want you to remove the creators of much of the waste--both of money spent to deny treatments and time wasted--that has resulted in too many deaths and disabilities of Americans waiting for their insurance companies to do what they contracted to do--pay when we’re sick.

How about a government fund overseen by a 21st century-style New Paradigm of Health, Wellness and Medical Arts and Sciences--a Revolving Group made up of a diverse group of Health, Wellness and Medical Professionals who co-operate for America’s Health and Wellness instead of compete for our business and our money?

If you’re not gonna do what all the other countries in this world do--and provide paid-for Health-Care as everyone’s right--and you want to mandate insurance coverage for US--then let’s start talking about Wellness. For that you have to bring in all the other Doctors. The ones who aren’t in the AMA. The REAL Wellness Pro’s.

The state of health America’s in today--we’ll have a need for Disease Management and extreme and expensive brilliance-of-American-Science-and-Technology Medicine for years to come. Please let in the Wellness Pro’s--for the rest of US who want to get Well again and Stay Well.

That’s MY story--what’s yours?


originally posted at August 1 2009

The ALTERNATIVE and REAL Health-Care Reform Solution

Why are we letting the failures run the show? The only Health Care we’re presently talkin’ has already FAILED US! 50 years ago--the USA was the healthiest country in the world! After half a century of Pharmaceutical Disease Management by profiteers in

Medicine, Pharma, Med-Insurance, and the plethora of corporate medical “providers”--all getting ridiculously wealthy at the expense of America’s health--we are the #1 nation on earth in Chronic Managed Disease. At least 1/3 of us obese--man-woman-and-child. 10% of the Health-Care dollars we spend is on obesity-related health issues.

I grew up on the INSIDE of the Medical profession--so I knew not to believe the Medical Mainstream that said I was “permanently blind, permanently brain-damaged, and permanently disabled.” I grew up trained in healthy lifestyle and old-world Alternatives to the “pharmaceutical bent of American Medicine” my father the MD, Medical professor, Chief-of-Staff, and Institute director was worried about back in the 1960’s!

Our politicians are not completely ignorant--on Feb 26 09--four prominent MD’s spoke for almost 2 hours to a Senate Committee

on the pathway to a healthier nation being Integrative Care. I’m just an artist--so don’t take MY word for it--take theirs:

“if we improve the wrong type of care then we will simply be doing the wrong things better” Dr Mark Hyman

“We don’t need to wait for a breakthrough we just need to use what we already KNOW to change our lives.” Dr Dean Ornish

“We seem to be locked into a system of disease management...

Unless we change the kind of medicine we do today we won’t be able to afford it.....Our physicians and allied health professionals are not trained to use low-tech approaches...I was taught very little about health and healing in medical school.”

Dr Andrew Weill

It’s an interesting meeting--if you have the time:

The Mainstream Medicine being practiced right now in the USA said I’d never get better again. Per the AMA--I should be blind, partially-functioning, drugged up and in a board and care today. I used what we ALREADY know to change my life and though it took me YEARS--and I had to leave the USA to get the treatments that helped bring my sight back after 5.5 years blind--and come back to what all the MD’s said I’d never be again--SEEING and really WELL today. The care and treatments I received in another country were more humane, compassionate and a fraction of the cost of anything we have available to US here!

If we’re REALLY going to bring the USA back to real meaningful health and wellness today--we’re not going to do it the way this present Health-Care “Reform” is going. We need to BREAK the AMA-BigPharma monopoly on our health--and allow the many

Well-trained Alternative Medical professionals into this mix.

That’s MY story--what’s yours? Z

originally posted on July 28 2009

Z’s Call for a New 21st Century Paradigm for Our Health and Wellness: a True Co-Operation of Health, Wellness, and Medical Arts and Sciences

Are we supposed to be having a National Health Care Discussion? People always ask me: what’s it like to see again--after years of being blind--what do you see?

Right now, I don’t see change I see one big promo for business as usual running the show. So I’m jumping in with my own POV.

OK Media: I’m paying attention. I’m seeing MD’s of all kinds telling us how they’re creating change and industry types--including the medical insurance industry--telling us about the changes they’re creating for us--and I want to know Media--because surely YOU know--where are the voices of Wellness in this supposedly open honest Discussion?

Where are the Chiropractors, the Homeopaths, the Naturopaths, the Osteopaths and OMD’s, all the non-Union (AMA) Doctors who’ve studied and practiced to bring us into the balanced Wellness that’s the human body’s natural state as many years as the union Doctors have to be experts at diagnosing and managing disease--til it progresses enough to pull out the big-gun and expensive miracles of 20th Century Medical Science?

Where are all of the other real Alternative Wellness Professionals--the ones that more than half of us right here in the USA are turning to--out-of-pocket? The ones who’ve been here all the time, all of my life--helping their patients get WELL?

This formerly blind artist would rather be looking at more inspiring stuff--like the ART at the Getty Center--but I really care about how we change our nation’s Health-Care-System-Gone-Horribly-Wrong! So here’s what I see.

I see a nation gone broke and the USA gone from being #1 healthiest nation in the world to what--37? 38?

A full 1/3 of us--man, woman, and child--now obese, diabetic, riddled with chronic disease, taking “medications.” We spend more than all the other countries healthier than us--but we’re #1 in the world in chronic pharmaceutically managed disease! We all kind of know this by now.

I see the industry that made this mess realizing change is inevitable and trying to maintain their monopoly when they’ve failed us for decades!

What I don’t see are all the programs on the real far-more-cost-effective alternatives that clearly work better here and around the world than the kind of medicine we’ve had--oh--about half a century.

If we’re having a National Discussion and we’re talking change--let’s take all those restrictions off of people who are Well-versed and Well-trained in real Natural Wellness Arts and Sciences!

We all see how fast the old-rule industries are passing down the economic bailouts to we the people. Seems to me letting the Corporate Medical Industries who got us into this fine mess of ill-health with their greed take control or have more than a balanced say--from their areas of expertise--in how we CHANGE and HEAL our broken Health-Care system, I must agree with the courageous pioneers inside the AMA, hoping and working to create change who speak up and say: “if we just change how we provide healthcare--but not the kind of care we provide--we’re only doing the wrong thing better.”

originally posted on July 11 2009