Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Z's HealthCare Response to WhiteHouseGov

I got an e-mail request from our Vice President last week. You may have got one too.
Here's my video response to this Health Care Reform that's just more of the same old same old.
What makes anyone think that the Big 4 Industries who've profited while America's health fell from #1 healthiest nation on earth to #37 can be trusted to make things better now?
The Insurance companies are spending a lot of money on advertising telling us how they're making things better. MD's are all over the news talking about Wellness and Lifestyle--never mind they have NO training in either of those in Medical School. Pharma is hard-selling us on all the drugs we should ask our doctors about while soft music and happy scenes distract us, making us think "Hey--maybe THAT's the solution!" And the Provider Industry who's overcharged us, abused us, and spread infections like MRSA is telling us how much they care.
Right. That's why we're #1 in chronic pharmaceutically managed disease.
These Big 4 had half a century to profit at our expense while we became less and less Well.
And now they're gonna make it all better....
If you believe that--I've got a bridge in Brooklyn you can have for a song...


  1. Dear Z,

    Thank you so much for this eye-opening blog to America's health and to the White House - the hope that they can see the big picture and understand that we know what is really happening to the citizens of America and the cover-up in the drugs we are being treated with that cause more a prolong health issues for our people. We really need to get this out to Americans to really see what you have experience and the outcome of your alternative treatments.

    Thanks a million for sharing this experience and I will pass the word around.



  2. Thanks Khris--I'm no longer blogging on this blog--I'm blogging daily
    on and on my own Check The Blog and ZeevaRadio (my podcast page.)
    Appreciate your getting the word around--send them to the blogs I'm blogging on--Don't know if you noticed--the one you commented on was posted Sept 9--this one (per blogger) will stick around forever "mine," it's easier for me to use my own website and the salon blog:) stay tuned to the right ones, Z


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